Hi, welcome to Mick's page!

I am a third-year Ph.D. student in Computer Science at the University of California, Berkeley. I am advised by Professor Alvin Cheung. I am a part of EPIC Data Lab and Sky Lab (formerly RISE Lab). I am interested in Programming Tools and Data Visualization.

I graduated with Combined Bachelor's/Master's program in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Washington in 2021. I worked in the UW Interactive Data Lab as a research assistant, mentored by Professor Jeffrey Heer. I worked in DocuSign and OctoML as a software engineering intern. Aside from academic works, I was a volunteered officer of Thai Students Association, coordinating social events and meetups for Thai students in the University of Washington.

Selected Projects

Spatialyze A Geospatial Video Analytic System. arXivGitHub
Vega-Label A fast labeling algorithm to layout labels annotating data points in charts. GitHub
HCI Study Guide A study guide for UC Berkeley EECS HCI prelim exam. Site
Arquero-SQL In progress: SQL back-end support for Arquero queries. GitHub
Pleiades A tool with GUI for laying out multiple views of Vega-Lite charts, supporting layer, concat, repeat, and facet. GitHubPaperPoster
Pokemon Go Forecast A web application that predicts weather in Pokemon Go for players to maximize game rewards. SiteGitHub


Spatialyze: A Geospatial Video Analytics System with Spatial-Aware Optimizations

Chanwut Kittivorawong  |  Yongming Ge  |  Yousef Helal  |  Alvin Cheung
VLDB (Under Review) 2024.  arXivGitHub

Towards Auto-Generated Data Systems

Alvin Cheung  |  Maaz Bin Safeer Ahmad  |  Brandon Haynes  |  Chanwut Kittivorawong  |  Shadaj Laddad  |  Xiaoxuan Liu  |  Chenglong Wang  |  Cong Yan
VLDB 2023.  Paper

Design Study for a Geospatial-Video Data Analysis Query Language

Chanwut Kittivorawong  |  Shadaj Laddad  |  Andrew Lenz  |  Amy Lu

Efficient Distributed Data Loading for Large-Scale Machine Learning Model Training with Parax

Sheng Shen  |  Chanwut Kittivorawong
2021.  Paper

Legible Label Layout for Data Visualization, Algorithm and Integration into Vega-Lite

Chanwut Kittivorawong
Master's Thesis 2021.  Paper

Community Cellular Networks Coverage Visualizer

Chanwut Kittivorawong  |  Sirapop Theeranantachai  |  Nussara Tieanklin  |  Esther Jang  |  Kurtis Heimerl
2021.  PaperGitHub

Fast and Flexible Overlap Detection for Chart Labeling with Occupancy Bitmap

Chanwut Kittivorawong  |  Dominik Moritz  |  Kanit Wongsuphasawat  |  Jeffrey Heer

Pleiades: Interactive Composing Tools for Vega-Lite Charts

Chanwut Kittivorawong  |  Manesh Jhawar  |  Sorawee Porncharoenwase
2019.  PaperGitHub

Work Experience

  • Graduate Student Researcher

    Sky Lab @ UC Berkeley

    Contirbuting to Apperception, a query language and a database management system for geo-spatial video data. I am working on designing the programming interface of Apperception DSL. I am also working on video query optimization, using geo-spatial metadata to reduce executions of expensive ML operations.

  • Software Engineering Intern

    OctoML Inc.

    Integrate the deep-learning models visualizers designed from previous year into optimizer tool (Octomizer) that optimizes deep-learning models compiled by TVM.

  • Graduate and Undergraduate Teaching Assistant

    Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science and Engineering @ UW

    Teaching CSE331 (Software Design and Implementation) and CSE442 (Data Visualization). Teaches supplemental materials in quiz section. Grade students' assignments. And, hold office hours for answering questions related to the class.

  • Graduate and Undergraduate Research Assistant

    Interactive Data Lab @ UW

    Contributing to Vega and Vega-Lite project; both are toolkits for creating visualizations. In Vega, I added support for automated labeling data points in charts. In Vega-Lite, I added support for visualizing data with error bar or error band chart.

  • Software Engineering Intern

    OctoML Inc.

    Design and create visualization for deep-learning models and their performance using D3/TypeScript. The visualization is designed to be a part of optimizer tool (Octomizer) that optimizes deep-learning models compiled by TVM and measures their performances.

  • Software Engineering Intern

    DocuSign Inc.

    Contributing to designing and developing a data lake platform that extracts, sanitizes, and stores users'/internal usage data into Amazon Web Service S3. Then, Data Scientist can query the data to perform analytics.

  • Undergraduate Research Assistant

    Department of Computer Science @ Kasetsart University

    Categorize students' theses in the university's library based on language features of their abstracts.